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Consulting services

Jill has been an independent management consultant since 2017, providing her expertise to aviation companies and non-profit organizations around the globe.  She has provided a variety of consulting services ranging from handling national media for a high school aviation program, to developing the business plan and company structure for a new FAA Part 135 on-demand air taxi service.


Jill's decades of experience includes working for large aerospace corporations, medium-sized technology developers and early-stage startup aviation companies, working commercial and military platforms, piloted and remotely piloted, from concept inception through post-delivery support.


Her depth of knowledge in managing both the technical and business sides of the equation, combined with her experience in non-profit organizations, results in Jill being able to provide a wide range of consulting services. 

Providing support as interim senior leader (COO, VP or Director level) of operations or engineering

Helping determine the best organizational structures and company processes for early stage start-up companies

Managing suppliers, subcontractors or technical partners

Managing proposal development for new business opportunities


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